Mobile Legends Kaja Build 2020

Fighter/ Support Initiator/ Charge. Movement Speed 270 Mana 400 Physical Attack 120 Attack Speed 0.842 Magic Power 0 HP Regen 52 Physical Defense 30. It’s been a long time since Mobile Legends has released this kind of champion, forgive me if we have missed something but for a tank that can play the role of support is a must for every MOBA game. Kaja an Overview An alien-esque. Kaja, Nazar King is a lower skill cap support hero in Mobile Legends. Kaja's skills are Eye of the Storm, Ring of Order, Gale Force, Divine Judgment.View guides, hero videos and detailed stats on the Mobile Legends unoffical. Mobile legends,kaja mobile legends,kaja,kaja best build,kaja mobile legend,kaja build mage,tank terkuat mobile legend,mobile legends kaja gemeplay,tutorial kaja,paling sakit item kaja mobile legend,kaja build fighter,kaja guide. Kaja kahramanının özelliklerinin öğrenebilir, Kaja kahramanı için en etkili build dizilişini yapabilirsiniz. Bu sayede Mobile Legends'ta daha iyi oynayabilirsiniz! Kaja kahramanının özelliklerinin öğrenebilir, Kaja kahramanı için en etkili.

Best Build Kaja Hero Figther Support Mobile Legends Add Comment Kaja Mobile Legends - I just realized, when I played match rank, I was worried that the enemy would use the Kaja hero. I play the legend-mythic tier, I use a. Welcome to Kaja hero guide in mobile legends! What is Kaja? You need to know that Kaja is a different tank with the damage that is higher. However, the armor and health points are very low if it is compared to the other tanks. Then. 2019/08/13 · first you need to understand kaja is support hero and kinda like 2nd tank. you need to build him like hybrid. mana boot, fleeting time is must. then you choose Athena's shield and blade armor for defense, then go for truncheon and. Tags: build gear guide kaja legends mobile mobile legends 1 Comment Rizky Adrian 1 year ago Permalink thanks info nya bang Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are. Build Item Kaja Mobile Legends – Hero Kaja telah mendapat Revamp di update Mobile Legends terbaru. Di season 12 ini Kaja bukan lagi Hero dengan Role Tank / Support, melainkan jadi seorang Fighter / Support. Penyesuaian pun.

- Mobile Legends Kaja - Mobile Legends - Mid Or Feed Any demon who dared approach the city would be overwhelmed by their peerless flying speed and bound by their fearsome lightning whips which would strip their victims of all magical abilities.

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